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Living with Ed: Eco-Friendly Tv Ed Begley, Jr Offers an Amusing, Personal Environmental Education If you haven't seen "Living with Ed" on HGTV, you're truly missing out. We all know of Ed Begley, Jr. the actor, but through "Living with Ed" we learn about Ed Begley, Jr. the green homeowner and activist. The show, while... more
New Mexico house.jpg Personal Information About Green Home Building From Folks Who've Been There I thought it might be cool today to reach out to some other folks who have built green. It's so much better when you can hear first hand about the experience of building. You get a personal view at all... more
adrian_grenier.jpg Yo, Adrian Grenier – Come Green My Pad! Entourage Hunk Has a New Eco-Show Let’s tree-hug it out! Entourage hunk Adrian Grenier is set to star in a new series called The Green Life on the Discovery Channel. The lovable moptop will travel around the country giving advice about how people can remodel their... more
technology_foto_boven.jpg GreenPan Alley Eco-friendly Cookware for Your New Home Together I am one liberated wife-to-be who enjoys going back into the kitchen, as long as hubbs-to-be will get in there himself afterwards to take care of the dishes. That's why one of the more exciting aspects of the wedding planning... more
HGTV Green Home Giveaway.jpg HGTV Announces Green Home Giveaway Carter Oosterhouse to Host Prime Time Event   If you’re like me, you love to watch HGTV’s Dream Home giveaways as a way to vicariously live the life of luxury. The problem with luxury homes however, is that they’re not always environmentally friendly. The good news is that... more
plane-jpeg1.jpg Fly the Sky Sustainably! Planes and air travel are a massive contribution to global warming. British environmentalist, Mark Lynas, says, “We could close every factory, lock away every car and turn off every light in the country, but it won’t halt global warming if... more
25736_692.fpx.jpeg Marsupial Provides a Pocket of Warmth Patagonia’s answer to the kangaroo pouch It’s Good: The Synchilla Marsupial from Patagonia is a simple, comfortable fleece in the quality traditional on which Patagonia has built its reputation. This model features a “huge,” kangaroo-style pouch with more than enough space for whatever knick knacks you... more
recycle_logo.gif Top 10 Recycling Resources Tips on how to make sure your trash gets a new lease on life We all mean to recycle. The problem is that it’s sometimes quite difficult to actually get your recyclables to the proper facilities. If your apartment building or neighborhood doesn't have a recycling program in place, you're on your own. And... more
Lazer-KGRYMCR.jpg Traverse the Earth with Earth Shoes Footwear for the Eco-Conscious Globe Trotter It’s Good: Earth is a shoe company that prides itself on comfort, craftsmanship, and design, and the Lazer-K model is no exception. Featuring an exclusive lightweight sole and exceptional ventilation, you’ll be rearing to go on an epic hike every... more
evanescence-0344.jpg Evanescence Likes the Green Grammy-Goers Get Eco-Goodies This year’s Grammy nominees and winners can feel a little better about those fancy giftbags they hauled away that are probably worth more than most recording contracts. It was all good green fun. “Green With Music,” an all-green luxury retreat and... more
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