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People Who Feed Us Feb 13, 2008
Meet the Salad King -- He Grows 35 DIfferent Shades of Green Chris Regan, Green Farmer Extraordinaire

Chris Regan was schooled as a painter, but the palette he uses nowadays is various shades of greens. He’s the brains behind Sky Farm near Millerton in upstate New York. With his small crew he grows 11 acres of gourmet salad mix including over 35 varieties of greens, herbs, edible flowers, and “wild” plants. In peak season he produces over eight hundred pounds a week which he markets directly to over 50 restaurants in the surrounding area. Chris has become something of an authority on salad mix composition and its seasonality. He maintains quality throughout the growing season with his use of organic methods, cover crops for fertility and weed management and smart rotations. Doing all that means the produce that comes out of his fields is the very best it can be. Watch the video that was shot at Sky Farm and Terrapin Restaurant, Rhinebeck, New York.

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running time: 09:52

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