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Celebrity Dirt Feb 25, 2008
Oscar Party Time -- The Day the Red Carpet Turns Green Global Green Goes Hollywood

It's that time of year again! No, I'm not talking about the day you get to stash your eco-friendly organic cotton sweater and dance like a wood nymph in Griffith Park. I'm talking about the day we get to rip apart celebrities as they dress like they've never heard the words "You're sure you want to wear a backwards tuxedo?" (Celine Dion, my eye is upon you.) I'm talking Oscar time!

And with Oscar comes one of the biggest Green parties of the year. Global Green, the worldwide environmental organization founded in 1993 by Mikhail Gorbachev, recently held their annual pre-Oscar bash in Los Angeles. Here the industry's greenest (or in come cases, lightly olive) came out to support the organization's 2008 message "Drive Green. Live Green Vote Green." The event raised $420,000, which will benefit the Global Green's climate change initiatives, including the green rebuilding of New Orleans.

Emceed by Bill Maher, celebrities in attendance included Salma Hayek, Oliver Stone, Adrien Grenier, Governor Bill Richardson, Radha Mitchell, Jason Lewis, Tate Donovan, and Norman Lear. Michelle Branch performed, as well as Oscar-nominated (and winners!) artists Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (the cute, tragic couple from Once).

The party showcased the latest in green vehicles, including the Tesla Roadster electric vehicle. The event also starts Global Green’s Red Carpet/Green Cars campaign, where celebs arrive in fuel-efficient cars. I had hoped the parade of green cars would jazz up this year’s Oscars broadcast, which turned out to be a total snoozefest. (As much as I love me some tall, dark and Javier Bardem, were there any real surprises this year? I had hoped Sean Penn would stage an old school rage fit since his beautiful, eco-themed Into the Wild was essentially ignored. I got your back, Sean!)

Green Oscars | earthmamatobe | Feb 25th, 2008

Hi-larious. This is a good trend! I am waiting for J-Lo to reprise her green mermaid dress one day soon, only this time with recycled pasties.

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