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Girls Gone Green Feb 15, 2008
Love Stings -- But My Eco-Man Is in Control Reality Series #9

Dave and I got back to my place and I realized that I needed to eat something other than GORP. He made me lay down on the couch and he made me an omelet. Thank God I had organic eggs in the fridge!

I also ‘organi-sized’ my fridge just in case this exact thing happened. Well, maybe not the fainting part and the dire humiliation… I could’ve done without that.

But hot Architect Dave in the kitchen? Fantastic. is a website that has everything organic available for delivery. They deliver it all, from King Crab Legs to fresh fruit and even herbs and spices!

“All this and you cook too? I should faint more often”. I ate those eggs like I haven’t seen food in days. On my couch I find myself falling asleep when I hear a faint buzzing sound…

“What’s that?” I ask to no one in particular. Then I look up to see Dave fighting a wasps nest. I thought I was dreaming, or rather having a nightmare, but it was real. I mean, if this guy was vying for “hero” position, it’s his, hands down.

Wasps? I thought they only ate crustless cucumber sandwiches and played golf with a martini in their hands?

“I’ll be right back,” he says. “Don’t worry about anything. I don’t want them attacking you or the dog.”

“Ok”, is all I can manage to get out of my mouth. I think I’m still in shock. Shock and awe, that is.

I can’t believe this guy. I fainted on him, obviously got caught in my ‘I hike all the time’ lie and not only does he take care of me, but then is going to kill my hornets. I didn’t even know I had a hornet’s nest.

Just the fact he was looking out for my dog makes my heart swell with, dare I say it, strong, strong like?

I fall asleep and Dave wakes me up with this glass vase like container.“This is how we’re going to stop your Wasps, “ he says.

Now, call me non-green but where are the chemicals and spray guns? How is a vase going to get rid of these nasty little beasts?


Dave tells me that this sturdy, colored glass trap will take a bite out of my wasp problem. Simply add the included lure, a bit of water, and replace the stopper. Hang or place in an area with high wasp concentrations. Wasps fly upthrough the bottom hole, become trapped, and drown in the water. After two weeks, replace the lure, or just add sweet liquid (lemonade works).

A girl could get used to this.


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